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Sync Your Content With The
Click Of A Button

A Better Way to Sync, Organize, and Display
Your WordPress Content.

How it works?

ScribeWP creates a special folder in your Dropbox thus, allowing you to
publish the files you place inside.

Install Plugin

Simply install the play plugin and
activate it via the WordPress admin

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Select file for sync

Once installed, create a new post
and select the file to sync via
your dropbox.

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Add content to WordPress

Content will then be imported and
you're ready to published content
and make changes as needed.

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Creativity & Freedom to
Write Anywhere.

Create content outside of the WordPress CMS.
Utilize your favorite editor to write blog posts.


Post Formatting

Keep the formatting of your posts intact by
re-syncing your content. Never lose your
code snippet again.


Markdown Support

Scribe WP enables writers to write post using
various file formats such as markdown and
plain ol text files.


Add Shortcodes

ScribeWP allows writers to embed shortcodes into
their posts. Save your file and we'll do the rest.

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Pricing Plan

The right plan for your needs.

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